About Will Rucker

Will Rucker is a speaker, coach, and leader who helps healers, helpers, and other others-centered people connect the dots to fulfill their purpose while creating a meaningful and abundant life for themselves. In 2014, Will moved from the home of Motown, Detroit, Michigan, to Las Vegas and began coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs professionally. Will is an "old soul." As a child, his peers sought advice and guidance, even giving him the nickname "Uncle Willie."

What truly sets Will apart is his holistic wellness approach to success. For Will, winning isn't a zero-sum game. Will's approach to life and success is all about connection, whether building and leading sales teams for the nation's largest telecommunications companies or overseeing programming as the Health Promotions Division Director in the nonprofit sector. The phrase that best describes his mission is "courageous compassion."

With over 35,000 coaching, speaking, and training hours to his credit, Will is a trusted source for innovative professional and personal development approaches. He holds a Master's Degree in Executive Leadership and a range of certifications that he integrates into his coaching. Will's background in fine arts combined with his ministerial experience provide a wide range of experiences and a broad knowledge base that allows him to truly understand the unique aspects each of his clients bring. 

In his nearly two decades of leadership, Will has taken pleasure in helping individuals move from entry-level to management, senior management, and director roles and from employee to owner. The successes Will is most proud of include clients who successfully integrated their passions into their professional and personal lives. Helping people to recognize their purpose and build the confidence to see it fulfilled is what he considers his superpower. 

With relational connection as a central value, Will continually explores ways to deepen his relationships and provide more entry points for people to discover how to have a more meaningful life. Recognizing the need to amplify hope during difficult times, Will launched the Compassionate Las Vegas Podcast and YouTube channel. He also hosts the program A Healthier Tomorrow on Power 88 FM in Las Vegas.

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