I believe in bringing my best every day.

I believe in taking the next step. Life is a continuous, evolving journey. At times the peak of the mountain or end of the path might seem unattainable. When this happens…inhale a deep breath, and take that next step, smile, and know that you are still moving forward in the right direction.  

Keynotes, Workshops & Training Programs

In our keynote and workshop sessions, we introduce audiences to vital life principles that provide the "Will" for them to engage, advance, and excel in their desires!  We help our audiences learn the best tools, systems, and processes that unlock the unlimited potential within themselves to establish, build, and maintain high-quality, sustainable personal and professional relationships! We believe the key to building a positive life begins with understanding oneself, and as a result, others. The quality of any type of relationship is dramatically improved when communication is based in understanding. 

All of our speaking programs are designed to be fully customized to fit you and your organization.  We offer impactful talks ranging from as short as 20 to 50 minutes, to 1 to 4 hour workshops, full day programs, and multi-day retreats.

Professional Coaching...

Congratulations on your choice to focus time and energy on your own growth! Coaching is about you and your success in life. My goal is to help you make consistent progress in your endeavors with every passing session. I specialize in the four areas below. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Do you want to be a more resilient leader? Improve your emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, or professional relationships? Is having displaying a leadership presence that is authentic and conscious important to you? This coaching opportunity may be exactly what you are looking for.

  • Develop profound self-awareness, understanding, and compassion
  • Embrace full conscious ownership of your leadership
  • Cultivate powerful confidence and deep wisdom
  • Identify how you show up and master building strategic connections
  • Delve into purpose and meaning by exploring interconnectedness and systems thinking


Life Coaching

Do you want more out of life? Your relationships? Your business? Yourself? Are you tired of being stuck in the same mundane routine, never reaching the success your dream of?  Are you ready to make the leap from average to exceptional? The purpose of coaching is to help you create a more sustainable and successful life by helping you make consistent progress week after week. In our sessions, we identify the top three areas you want us to work on as our primary focus during our coaching engagement and utilize a comprehensive, results-driven plan to make the life of your dreams both realistic and achievable. 

Where there's a will there is a way! Yes, you can! You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You don't have to go at it alone for one more second. Let's partner together and experience holistic life transformation through the "Power of Will!" 


Spiritual Enlightenment/ Spiritual Direction

Is something missing in your spiritual life? Do you sense that there is more to your spirituality than your church or religion provides you? Are you recovering from religious addiction? You can regain love, light, and balance in your life. In our sessions, we work together to clear emotional blockages, journey through guided meditation and prayer, and recover your authentic spiritual self. 

If you are in Las Vegas, join Will Sunday mornings at The Intersection for a Spiritual MasterClass & Conversation you won't get anywhere else. More info can be found at


Weddings, Vow Renewals, & Commitment Ceremonies

When you work with Will Rucker as your Officiant and Minister or his Network of Associate Officiants, you will have true Wedding Professionals on your team!  You will feel like you have a friend marrying you and not a stranger. My desire is for you to feel like a Prince or Princess on your wedding day and I will make sure you have the most amazing wedding ceremony that will leave people talking for some time!  

Your ceremony will be unique to your relationship and vision.

Every wedding performed is a custom-tailored and always unique to the couple!  My ceremonies are known for touching the deepest emotions and solidifying life-long bonds.  

Over the years, I have formed many fantastic relationships with wedding vendors and venues in the Las Vegas area and have had the honor of marrying brides and grooms at nearly every prominent wedding venue in the Las Vegas area, both on and off The Strip.  I have written and officiated well over 1,000 + wedding ceremonies in my career.   You deserve to have the perfect ceremony that matches your love story as a couple! 

Think your wedding should actually be two?

That's what I do. Whether you'd like a traditional ceremony, or something more creative, your wedding will exceed your expectations and your dreams. I often hear ceremony guests rave about how much they are moved by the ceremonies. Many even tell me that I restored their faith in love.  


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